Ty Lockwood is one of the most sought-after tight end prospects in the class of 2023. He has a unique skillset that will make him valuable for any offense.

He compares his game as a tight end to one unique superhero.

“I’d say Superman,” he said. “He can kind of do everything, and I feel like at my position, I can kind of do everything.

Lockwood attends Independence High School in Thompson’s Station, TN. He moved to Tennessee from Chicago to have the opportunity to play football due to the pandemic.

He visited Ohio State in mid-June and loved his visit to Columbus. He’s planning on visiting Columbus again later on in July for the Buckeye Bash. 

Get to know one of the top targets for the Buckeyes in the 2023 class on this week’s episode of Beyond the Shoe with Dominique Smith.

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  1. [QUOTE=”carlsbarkley, post: 217256, member: 2880″]
    Hey man you did an awesome job on the latest Morning Scoop podcast. I was listening earlier today while I was doing some yard work and it was fantastic
    Appreciate that man, really do! Never easy to fill in for Tom because he’s so great at hosting it, but it was fun!

  2. [QUOTE=”WillardA, post: 217416, member: 3798″]
    Ty could pass for Bobby Carpenter’s relative
    Lol perhaps!

  3. [QUOTE=”ChrisTravers, post: 218727, member: 1053″]
    Wow that kid is really engaging. Seems like a great personality fit at Ohio State. Nice job Dom!
    Thank you sir!

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