2024 defensive back taking steps towards becoming the best

Kaleb Beasley is only a sophomore, but he has the physical tools to be a superstar at cornerback.

Other teams across the country feel the same about the 2024 prospect, such as Florida and Tennessee, two of nine schools that have extended offers to him. As a young cornerback, Beasley knows that his athletic abilities are just a few qualities that make his game unique.

“I’m long and athletic – I have great feet,” he said.

Beasley attends Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, the same school that 2024 Ohio State prospect and good friend Edwin Spillman attends. He attended the Ohio State camp in June and went up against elite receivers at the camp. 

He took away things that he needed to improve upon, but he felt that he held his own against the nation’s best receivers.

“I thought I did pretty well at the Ohio State camp,” he said “It was great because I saw what I needed to work on. Going against fast receivers, you have to know when you’re in phase and out of phase, and that’s one thing I got better at because of the (wide receivers) at the camp.”

Tony Alford is the main coach in Beasley’s recruitment so far. The conversations that they have don’t center too much around when an offer from the Buckeyes will come. Instead, they talk about life and his approach to football games.

“We haven’t really talked about the offer,” he said. “But when I call him, we just talk about how my day was and how I need to treat every other game like a normal game. Don’t make it bigger than it is.”

Beasley plays with a swagger that’s unmatched, but he’s a team player. He and the Mustangs of Lipscomb Academy made it to the state title game last season, where they suffered an unfortunate loss. His goals for himself, as well as his team are extremely high for this season.

And for Beasley and the Mustangs, so far, so good.

“The season is going great,” he said. “I was very excited to get back on the field. We played pretty well as a team, but we still have much to improve on.”

“For myself, I believe I am the best corner in 2024, so I always carry that swagger with me. As for the team, we want to get back to the state championship game and hopefully win this year.”