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5 Things To Know Before Watching Ohio State vs. Utah In The Rose Bowl

Ohio State will face off with Utah today in the 2022 Rose Bowl. It’s an incredibly intriguing matchup as a number of opt-outs and injuries make things truly unpredictable.

How much will incoming defensive coordinator Jim Knowles impact the Buckeyes’ defensive game plan?

How will the absence of players like Haskell Garrett, Antwuan Jackson, Cody Simon, Sevyn Banks, and Marcus Williamson impact the defense?

Buckeye Scoop’s Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton joins host Tom Orr to discuss all of that and much more.

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Jun 5, 2020
I wish like hell that transcripts were published for those of us that don't have time (or patience) to watch a video when they could read it in moments.