Ohio State has been one of the most consistently dominant teams in the nation for more than 50 years, but the Buckeyes have also been involved in some crazy upsets, both as a winner and loser.

Tony Gerdeman, host of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, joins host Tom Orr to discuss some of the wildest games and stats involving the Buckeyes.

  • Which two teams have beaten Ohio State multiple times as a double-digit underdog since 1988?
  • Which year did the Buckeyes open the season by covering the spread in 11 consecutive games?
  • Who was the only Big Ten team other than Michigan to be favored in the Horseshoe in a decade?
  • Can you name the six times since 1980 that the Buckeyes have been an underdog and won by more than 20 points?
  • How many times has Ohio State been a double-digit underdog since 2000?
  • Plus the worst bad beats in Buckeye football betting history, and much more.

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