AJ Hoffler Focusing In On Important Things

ATLANTA – We kick off our 2022 Southern Swing in the city of Atlanta at a familiar high school of Woodward Academy, home of 2023 defensive lineman AJ Hoffler.

The 6-foot-5, 245-pounder has not been shy about his interest in Larry Johnson and the Buckeyes and for a good amount of time as the relationship between the two have kept Ohio State front-and-center.

“Coach (Johnson), how he is not only able to develop players on the field,” Hoffler said. “I don’t know if it is as known but off the field as well. I think… most of the coaches I have talked to… not as many of them, care as much about their players as much on the field and off the field.”

Hoffler recently picked up his 50th offer as Grambling State got on board and while Hoffler is not ready to call his recruitment over, it does appear that a couple of schools are at the top with both Ohio State and Clemson taking the headlines here.

Hoffler has been a steady visitor to Ohio State with at least three already in the books, each visit with something new to offer.

“(My last visit in March) the main thing was going up to practice and seeing how coach (Johnson) was like in a normal day environment, in a practice environment and see how the team itself is,” Hoffler said. “(In a previous visit) my dad had not really seen the facilities, because when I went up for a game, we did not do much of a tour. It was great for me to get to coach J more and my dad to see the campus.”

Hoffler knows he has a lot of great visits, wherever he ends up picking.

“I know the football is going to be high (level) wherever I go,” Hoffler said. “It is really the people, the academics, the campus vibe, the community vibe, those are the main things I am going to be looking for on the official visits.”

Hoffler has an official locked in for Clemson and is working on getting one of the books for Ohio State as well. Check out this exclusive video to get all the latest from the big-time Ohio State target as he goes in-depth with Marc Givler as Southern Swing makes its triumphant return.