An Inside Look At The Shakeup That Changed Ohio State’s Season

Two weeks into the 2021 season, Ohio State football was a complete mess. The Buckeyes had just lost to Oregon, a two-touchdown underdog, and were in danger of being knocked out of the College Football Playoff picture before their season ever really got started.

But in the wake of that loss, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day made a radical change, overhauling his defensive coaching staff, removing the playcalling responsibilities from Kerry Coombs, and giving them to Matt Barnes instead. That move was just one of several things that changed, and the results were apparent quickly.

But that move was a difficult one for Coombs to swallow. This week, he opened up about that decision, why he chose to stay on staff, what he really thinks about it, and more. You’ll hear directly from Coombs about all of that, plus what he thinks the real difference is on the defense, why Denzel Burke has made an immediate impact, how Steele Chambers has changed the story at linebacker for the Buckeyes, and much more.

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  • J
  • October 13, 2021
I really liked Kerry before this video but now I just love this man. What an example of being a responsible, accountable leader.
  • C
    Chuck Hawkins
  • October 13, 2021
Great job by Tom Orr! I have been a fan of Kerry Coombs for awhile but thought Tom did an excellent job of highlighting the kind of coach and man (human being) he was.
  • B
    Billy perry
  • October 14, 2021
The problem with osu,'s defense is fundamentals.You can't teach one arm tackling and the other arm trying to knock the ball out.Doesn' t work at any level of football.It allows 5 yard runs that turn into 30 yard runs.Very bad teaching!