Are Ohio State’s Issues On Defense Fixable In Time For Oregon?

The Ohio State Buckeyes got their 2021 season off to a winning start, knocking off Minnesota, 45-31 on the road Thursday night.

But while the offense looked every bit as explosive as promised, at times the Buckeye defense struggled to get off the field. How concerned should OSU fans be?

Kevin Noon of BuckeyeScoop.com joins host Tom Orr to recap what they learned Thursday night in Minneapolis, and what it might mean for Ohio State’s week two showdown with Oregon.

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  • B
  • September 3, 2021
I must admit I was concerned, however, the past tells us that teams improve the most between the first and second game. What I saw was a first year Qb coming of age in the second half. I believe our Qb will be much more confident having come from behind to win. In the second half we saw very accurate deep passes and scoring drives that were so short you could get 3 scores on a handful of plays.
I also believe our defense, while seemingly pourous, managed to get game experirnce to quite a few young players. This will help us down the road during times of need. I think our coaching staff is second to none when it comes to recruting and developing talent. We have unbelieveable rooms when it comes to Qb's, Rb's and Wr's, Over the top talent. we have more talent on defense too, inexperienced but talented. Our first test gave our coaches and players insight into where we are as a team and I expect they will rise to the occasion. Go Bucks!!
  • J
  • September 3, 2021
It's a bit unfair for Stroud. We expected to see something like Justin and he hadn't even thrown a pass yet. He needed this game. I actually prefer he had some struggles going into the Oregon game so he could get this feel for it instead of everything going right and feeling this struggle next week.