It is just one day before ‘The Game’ and here at the Big Me Kickoff we are ready for the countdown to accelerate all the way until ball meets foot up in Ann Arbor (Mich.).

We are joined by a long-time friend of the show, Michael Spath, a former co-worker back at a previous shop and someone who follows this Michigan team as closely as anyone.

What is the level of excitement around the Michigan program with this game getting closer? Everyone remembers that the 2020 edition of the game was canceled, does that add anything to this one?

Will Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo change Michigan’s fortunes with a pass rush and is the Michigan pass defense as good as advertised or is that a result of who the Wolverines have played to date?

On the other side of the ball, what to make of Blake Corum, Cade McNamara and Donovan Edwards?

Plus, a pick on the game and what this game means to Jim Harbaugh’s tenure with the Maize and Blue. All of that and more on the Big Me Kickoff, don’t miss out.

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  1. Hutchenson and Ojabo ? Nah..
    Here is my take on whether Hutchinson and Ojabo will change Michigan’s fortunes…this came to me this morning…I believe THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS GOING TO HAPPEN !..may i explain?..So, as in so many big games we have seen in the past where a certain strength will help win a game for a team, or be the deciding factor, like for example in tomorrows game where Michigan’s so called “great defensive ends” and “ great defense” will be the factor that will win the game for them…that “ narrative” that the media and everyone picks up on….so often its the OPPOSITE, and here it will be the same…because we have two really excellent defensive ends in the wings, Jack Sawyer and T.J.Tualoamoa..and I believe these two, along with our two starters WILL BE THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS GAME INSTEAD !..NOT Hutchenson and Ojabo..that will be the story about defense, our two guys, and our defensive ends !..that will be one of the biggest deciding factors in this game, which will shut down thier game all day long…Sawyer and T.J. have been kept in the wings some I believe for a reason by our staff, intentionally, only playing sparingly, like a secret weapon if you will, but come this game i believe they will,play significant time and will be unleashed in full….That is my take.and Michigan will just not be able to adjust in game to that to stop it….because if we shut down Cade Mcnamara and his short accurate pass game, which in reality is ( i believe the biggest) part of thier RUN game, and to keep the chains moving for first downs…..then…it comes down to stopping the true run…which we can do now that we went to two safties up top and watching the backfield and playing downhill naturally to stop runners…i believe we shut them down very effectively with that..Also, Coach Johnson now has Harrison and the linemen putting hands up swatting balls down much more in the last few games, which i believe is aimed at Mcnamara also, as he isnt real mobile and he is short and his ball trajectory is prone to blocked batted passes….it all works into defeating one of thier biggest strengths, the SHORT PASS….as for thier two “ great defensive ends”, im sure we have a plan for them also, Coach Stud, Wilson, Day, you know they have that dialed in and we can block them using two tight ends, both whom are really good blockers especially #8, the farm boy kid, forgot his name..he can plow people, excellent blocker…and,if we use our run backs to block them also, key on them, along with out tackles, we should be able to handle them just fine, (and cut off one of thier biggest hopes of stopping us on offense….)..then we will have time for our pass game, which is our biggest strength.. And dont forget passes to Henderson and Ruckert, as well as excellent runs by Henderson and Williams…and that will just about do it all !!
    We know nobody can cover all 5 of our excellent receivers on any given play, heck not even our three best, not including Henderson and Ruckert…so there we go..lastly, we collapse the center of the pocket for Cade with our two nose tackles, especially Garrett, whom is really playing superb and Tyreke Smith too, a few others..and you know Coach Johnson has special plans for Michigan as he always does, rushmen packages, d ends as linebackers at times, and so forth…man it is gonna be a blast !! I dont see how we cannot really completly destroy thier strengths and overwhelm them with ours, if we only execute and dont have a lot of turnovers or injuries to key players..ok guys, thats my game plan, ill call it the opposite effect for this particular and enjoyable domination of that team named Michigan, here for 2021 !..I predict a score of around
    49-65 to around 13-24…to hit it on i say 62-17. Go Buckeys ! Lets go all the way this year !Stay healthy and injury free and we can.

  2. Weaknesses in Michigan’s D – backfield-
    I forgot to also add that we will find Michigan’s weaknesses in thier defensive backfield early and after halftime- lookout. that Gamun Green and the other kid there have shown serious weaknesses and our staff, Coaches Wilson, Hartline and Day will most certainly have a plan for them with our superb receiving corps..And coaches Barnes and Coombs will also be in on that, and with all that skill in our. coaching staff, and in game adjustment skills, ( and our receiverstoo) we will take them apart big time with the forward pass..This could get really lopsided fast if you ask me, but certainly by the third quarter and beyond…

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