We are back with the Big Me Kickoff and while there is not much kicking in basketball, we are heading to the hardwoods to talk about Ohio State’s stretch drive in the Big Ten regular season. Ohio State finds itself only one game back in the loss column with four games left to go, four games that all should be winnable.
But then again, nothing has really been easy in the Big Ten this year, for any team as the Buckeyes will have to play those four games over the span of seven days.
What do the Buckeyes have left, why is winning at least three of the next four so important and could a Big Ten title be in the cards? It is not as far off as you may think.
Plus, what is with these social media rants that we have seen about how some Ohio State fans feel about Chris Holtmann’s job performance? We know we won’t change anyone’s minds, but I give my two cents about some pretty irrational comments that I have seen over the course of the season.
We don’t do it often but when warranted we will do a full basketball show and that is the case here, so don’t miss out and join us here on the Big Me Kickoff as Championship Week is almost here.

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