The Buckeyes play at Michigan on Saturday and the winner will then head to Indianapolis to play in the Big Ten Championship Game for a shot at a playoff berth.

More important than that, however, is that the winner of this game wins The Game.

We know you can’t wait for the game, so Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman are going to give you an idea of what’s going to happen on Saturday via 14 very bold predictions.

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  1. [QUOTE=”carlsbarkley, post: 408292, member: 2880″]
    [ATTACH type=”full” alt=”290E7450-9850-4EC8-B34B-2BDEA19ECDDB.jpeg”]10138[/ATTACH]
    The 34 yard line when he listens to the Buckeye Weekly bold predictions episodes.

    Love how this show has complete evolved (devolved?) into lawyerball. Specifically when Tony says “this has never happened in the entire history of Ohio state football in 2021”
    We were far less pedantic this week than last. But yeah, there is absolutely going to be a week that swings on something stupid like “passes from the 34 don’t count.”

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