Buckeye Weekly Podcast: Jim Knowles Doesn’t Care Who Starts At Defensive End And Neither Should You

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman finish up the last of their listener questions. The topics during this show include the following.
– Will Zach Harrison be the starter to open the season at defensive end?
– Will a younger defensive end eventually overtake Zach Harrison?
– How much will the linebackers improve this season?
– Who is Ohio State’s rival, because it doesn’t seem like it should be Michigan?
– Is OSU walk-on receiver Xavier Johnson a Top 18 receiver in the Big Ten?
– If we weren’t covering Ohio State, what sport/team would we want to cover?
– Will CJ Stroud match Dwayne Haskins’ numbers from 2018?
– Will Emeka Egbuka score two touchdowns on special teams this year?
– Will Ohio State beat Michigan by 3+ touchdowns this year?
– Will the Buckeyes be the first team to be ranked No. 1 in the CFP poll this season?