Buckeye Weekly Podcast: What Is Jack Sawyer’s Role In The Ohio State Defense Next Year?

In part four of the Day After The Rose Bowl Livestream, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman answer questions from the viewers about the 2021 Buckeyes, the 2022 Buckeyes, and some assorted other topics. Questions include:

– What’s the outlook for Josh Proctor next year?
– Are there safeties in the portal worth going after? (This was recorded before Tanner McCalister committed.)
– Is TreVeyon Henderson the next great OSU back or just a bridge guy to the next great one?
– What is Miyan Williams looking at next year?
– Who will be the two best quarterbacks in the Big Ten next season?
– Why would great RBs want to come to Ohio State if all the Buckeyes do is throw the ball?
– What’s the deal with Penn State?
– What is Jack Sawyer’s role next year?

Below the podcast player is an automated transcript that has had very minimal editing applied. It should not be taken as 100% accurate.