Buckeye Weekly Podcast: Why Did Ryan Day Decide To Overhaul His Defensive Staff?

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters on Monday for the first time since the Rose Bowl ended. He took time to discuss his recent coaching hires and what went into his decision to overhaul the bulk of the defensive staff. The new coaches also spoke with reporters afterward. Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap much of what was said on the afternoon and discuss what it means for the program moving forward.

The fellas discuss the following.

  • Tony wants the best for the listeners, Tom does not.
  • Did Ryan Day think about “just tweaking” the defense?
  • Jim Knowles is now the head coach of the defense.
  • How hands-off will Ryan Day be with the defense?
  • Jim Knowles knows he doesn’t have much time to get the job done.
  • Sevyn Banks is moving on.
  • Others are staying, but this puts OSU in a significant numbers crunch.
  • But you don’t want to be at 85 right now either.
  • Ryan Day says 85 is a moving target because of everything else going on.
  • The portal giveth and taketh away.
  • The super seniors counting against the 85 creates an issue.
  • Tom discusses the Mongols.
  • The numbers always work themselves out. Quote, unquote.
  • Speaking of the CFL.
  • Justin Frye wants to be able to pick up a third and 2 with everybody in the stadium knowing where the ball is going.
  • The aggression is there with Frye.
  • Frye brings coordinator experience that will help OSU’s offense.
  • Frye is gonna bye a big house.
  • Ryan Day excited about NIL Edge, thanks Gene Smith for being at the forefront of expanding NIL programs.
  • Jim Knowles loves having Tanner McCalister at Ohio State.
  • McCalister will be a coach on the field but also an explainer of Knowles’ style.
  • McCalister is already teaching the defense to his teammates.
  • Safeties are going back to square one per Perry Eliano.
  • Everybody on defense is getting a clean slate with the new coaches.