Buckeyes, Blue Devils Slated For Rematch In 2022 ACC/Big Ten Challenge

One year after Ohio State downed No. 1 Duke 71-66 in Columbus, the Blue Devils and Buckeyes will take the court against each other in a rematch inside Cameron Indoor Stadium on Duke’s campus in the 2022 ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

The announcement was made Friday morning that the two schools would be facing each other November 30 this year.

This will be the ninth matchup between the two schools, with the first eight having been split at four wins a piece. This will also be the fifth time Ohio State and Duke have played in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. They have also split those four games evenly.

Only once before has OSU played at Duke, which was a 73-68 loss for the No. 4 Buckeyes over the No. 2 Blue Devils.

Overall, this will be the Buckeyes’ 21st appearance in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, which began in 1999. Ohio State is 9-11 over those first 20 matchups, but has won their last three, with two of them being wins over Top 10 North Carolina and Duke.

Ohio State will announce their entire non-conference schedule next week on June 29.

Ohio State in the Big Ten/ACC Men’s Basketball Challenge (9-11)

12/3/02         Ohio State                     vs. No. 4 Duke                         L                       76-91
12/2/03         Ohio State                     No. 13 Georgia Tech              L                       53-73
12/1/04         Ohio State                     at Clemson                              L                       73-80
11/28/05       Ohio State                     Virginia Tech                           W                       69-59
11/29/06       No. 3 Ohio State          at No. 7 North Carolina         L                       89-98
11/29/07       Ohio State                     No. 1 North Carolina             L                       55-66
12/2/08         Ohio State                     at No. 21 Miami (Fla.)           W                       73-68
12/2/09         No. 15 Ohio State        No. 21 Florida State               W                       77-64
11/30/10       No. 2 Ohio State          at Florida State                       W                       58-44
11/29/11       No. 2 Ohio State          No. 3 Duke                              W                       85-63
11/28/12       No. 4 Ohio State          at No. 2 Duke                          L                       68-73
12/4/13         No. 5 Ohio State          Maryland                                 W                       76-60
12/2/14         No. 14 Ohio State        at No. 5 Louisville                   L                       55-64
12/1/15         Ohio State                     No. 10 Virginia                        L                       58-64
11/30/16       Ohio State                     at No. 7 Virginia                      L                       61-63
11/29/17       Ohio State                     Clemson                                   L                       65-79
11/28/18       No. 16 Ohio State        Syracuse                                  L                       62-72
12/4/19         No. 6 Ohio State          at No. 7 North Carolina         W                       74-49
12/8/20         No. 23 Ohio State        at Notre Dame                        W                       90-85
11/30/21       No. 22 Ohio State        No. 1 Duke                              W                       71-66

[Header photo courtesy of the Ohio State Dept of Athletics.]

I do not follow the admin side of the conference challenges, but why do the Buckeyes play at Duke again? Why not at home?
I do not follow the admin side of the conference challenges, but why do the Buckeyes play at Duke again? Why not at home?
I believe last years match-up vs. Duke was in Columbus.