COLLEGE PARK, Ga. – Woodward Academy is one of those schools that always seems to have recruits and the Buckeyes have been on the trail for years at that program. While looking at 2023 players like AJ Hoffler, younger players like Myles Graham in 2024 are standing tall.

Graham, a 6-foot-1, 200-pound linebacker is not new to the game by any means, the son of former Florida (and NFL) running back Earnest Graham.

Just because the younger Graham is a legacy doesn’t mean that he is set to follow the family name, even if the Gators were a childhood favorite.

“Growing up Florida’s always been my dream school, my favorite school,” Graham said. “But now that the recruiting process is real, I know there is a lot of schools out there, a lot of schools that want me. My recruitment is still 100-percent open; it is not locked in for me.”

That is good as Graham already has more than 30 reported offers and could pretty much collect them all by the time, he is ready to decide for the class of 2024.

“It has been great,” Graham said. “They are all blessings. I am going to take them all into account. It is a dream come true. There is a lot more work to be done, I am going to keep grinding and I am not going to settle.”

Recruiting has changed a lot since Graham’s father went through things in the late-90s, but relationships are relationships and football is football and dad is doing a good job of keeping son pointed in the right direction and come to his own decision when the time is right.

“He’s done pretty much everything that I have done,” Graham said. “He is going to help me separate the real from the fake. Helping me just make the right decision and keep me on the right track. He knows it can make me not humble and cocky. So, helping me stay in my place and keep working hard.”

Graham has had a chance to check out Ohio State and the visit was highly successful, and the Buckeyes are going to be firmly in the mix as Graham works through this process.

“Ohio State exceeded my expectations by a lot,” Graham said. “I love it there. I loved the facilities, the school, the staff, they are all great coaches. They are super nice, showed tremendous love to me. Coach (Jim) Knowles is one of the best DCs in the game, took me through where I would fit in the defense. Coach Day explained to me why Ohio state would be a great fit to me.”

Find out what else Graham had to say during this Southern Swing exclusive video. So much more from this trip and you don’t want to miss a single thing.

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