Buckeyes Get Third Visit From Josh Padilla As Decision Approaches

COLUMBUS – Saturday was a good opportunity for Ohio State to get big-time out-of-state prospects on campus due to the magnitude of the game and kickoff time. Additionally, the coaching staff was able to get some of their top in-state targets back on campus as well.

For Josh Padilla out of Wayne (OH), Saturday was his third time visiting Ohio State this fall and his second night game. However, according to him, this one had a bit of a different feel.

“I went to another night game so it was just good going to another one that was action-packed and super electric like the Penn State game,” he said. “It was just great being there, feeling the experience, feeling the atmosphere.”

Saturday was also the second weekend in a row that he got to spend with other top Ohio recruits like Sonny Styles and Luke Montgomery. As a result, it gave them another opportunity to talk with each other about their recruitments.

“It’s just talking about what schools, what the final schools are and how they feel about this school or that school basically stuff like that,” he said.

After three visits to Ohio State this fall and numerous others to other schools, Padilla is starting to feel more comfortable in his recruitment, which may mean it’s coming to a close.

“I feel like I’m coming to a decision and I’m getting an idea of where I want to go,” Padilla added.

The four schools he mentioned when it comes to that decision were Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame and Ohio State. 

With the decision likely coming soon for Padilla, the Buckeyes are in a very good spot to secure their first in-state commitment in the 2023 class.