The sky is the limit with the Ohio State passing game with known quantities like CJ Stroud, Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Marvin Harrison Jr. along with a room full of younger players looking to make their mark.

Well, not all of them are young as there is an elder statesman in the receiver room that has been waiting for his turn and it has never been about his ability on the football field.

It has always been about his ability to get on to the football field.

Any Ohio State fan knows that we are talking about Kamryn Babb, a popular player on the team whose body has not cooperated thus far during a frustrating career.

Most players would not go through four ACL injuries and keep at it, many would see it as a sign that things were not meant to be and call it a career.

Not Babb, and by all accounts, 2022 could be the year in Babb’s final year as a Buckeye, where it all gets put together.

“Kam Babb’s always been one of our leaders and we always look to Kam Babb for advice because we just have so much respect and we know how much work and how deserving he is,” Ohio State wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba said of Babb at the recently completed Big Ten Media Days.

Babb was a four-star recruit and top-100 player according to multiple services coming out of high school, but the injury train started early for the St. Louis product with an ACL injury wiping out Babb’s senior year of high school. Three more injuries along the way have kept Babb on the sidelines and in the rehab room but the strength of Babb to remain positive and a respected leader of the team show something in Babb that many will never develop.

“I’m going to be leaning on Kam Babb a lot because just the person he is, his hard work,” Smith-Njigba added. “Ready to see him on the field.”

It wasn’t many years ago when Johnnie Dixon had an injury-plagued career at Ohio State that kept him off the field before he finally got healthy and was able to contribute. The hope from the current team is that Babb will be able to do that in 2022.

“I definitely think he’ll step up this year with a super big role,” Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud said.  “Just because he’s older, but that dude can play. He’s nice.”

With such high praise from such big parts of the current Ohio State offense, that has to mean something, right?

“He’s healthy, he’s back. He looks great,” Smith-Njigba said. “I’m excited. His ceiling’s really high.”

Ohio State’s offense could be one for the ages this season, but JSN said he would be more than happy to give up some catches to give Babb a chance to make an impact and knows that once Babb gets out there for the first time in 2022, make his first play, scores his first score, it is going to be a special moment.

“When Kam Babb is in there, the whole team, we’re gonna light up,” Smith-Njigba said.

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