There are 53 teams that would love to add Payton Kirkland to their 2023 recruiting class and the Buckeyes are one of those schools.

Kirkland stands at 6’7, and weighs 320 pounds, which is 40 pounds lighter than he was last year. He was instrumental in Dr. Phillips’ dominating win over Timber Creek High School last Friday night.

To most, the thing that would stand out about Kirkland is his size. But his head coach, Rodney Wells, sees a quality in addition to his size that has given him great success. 

“Well his passion for the game and obviously his size, being a junior at 6’7 320 or whatever he is,” Wells said. “But he understands and he gets it and he’s a leader of the offensive line, even though he’s a young guy. He’s hard to move, and he’s moving people. So when we get downhill, a lot of people know a lot of times we’re coming behind him, but he’s done a good job.”

Kirkland is ranked as a 4-star in the 247 composite ranking system. Check out his highlights from Dr. Phillips 33-7 win over Timber Creek.

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    Yo [USER=3998]@Dominique Smith[/USER], what do you think? I’ve never done the hot chicken thing.

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