Caleb Burton Opens Up On Picking Ohio State, Joining Ewers, and Beginning Michigan Rivalry Early

On Monday night the Buckeyes picked up another five-star commitment, this time from 2022 wide receiver Caleb Burton III out Del Valle High School in Austin, Texas. Just before he tweeted out his commitment message, Burton got on the phone with Buckeye Scoop to break down his decision. 

There were a multitude of reasons why Burton chose the Buckeyes, but the first thing we had to ask him was if the Texas to Ohio State movement played a role. And specifically, if the success of fellow Austin native Garrett Wilson made Ohio State extra appealing.

“It was definitely something I looked at, Burton III told Buckeye Scoop. “Just seeing the progress from Garrett’s freshman to sophomore season. Just seeing how much he has developed and how good coach Hartline is doing with the wide receivers is super impressive. And you know coach Hartline being a former NFL player, he knows what it is like to go through the whole process and have what it takes is something I have been looking at.”

He then took it one step further and dove into the relationship he has forged with Hartline over time.

“Our relationship is very tight,” he said. “I can say I probably have the best relationship with coach Hartline out of anybody. We are always talking, always texting, we will just hop on a call, it doesn’t have to be about football, which is something I like. We are just able to talk and make each other laugh. It is just a home vibe.”

Keep in mind, Hartline did all of this relationship-building without ever meeting Burton III in person. The Texan has yet to visit campus, but that was not something that deterred him from making a decision.

“They just made me feel really at home. I am close with a lot of commits, so it is definitely people I could see myself being around in the future,” Burton said. “I am cool with Garrett and have him on Snapchat so I kind of see what the facilities look like. Also, him just chilling with his friends, so I kind of got a vibe of how it is up there.”

After mentioning being close with the commits, we had to ask him about his relationship with five-star Carroll High School (TX) quarterback Quinn Ewers and how they had talked about playing together at the next level.

“We had been talking about it for a while now,” Burton said. “You know, top QB and top wide receiver, it just feels right. Me and him have always been in touch. He’s a super cool dude.

Right after talking about his relationship with just Ewers, Burton then talked about his relationship with the other commitments in the class and how they recruited him. This is what Burton III told Buckeye Scoop,

“Our relationship is really good. I have talked to Dasan [McCullough], C.J. [Hicks], Jyaire [Brown], and Bennett Christian. I talk to them, I facetime them, and just do what kids do,” he said. “I will hop on the game with them every now and then so we are all pretty cool with each.”

Seeing as this call happened at 6:50 EST and Burton III was set to announce his commitment at 7 p.m, we kept the conversation rather short. However, for our final question, we had to ask Burton III about his teammate Tavierre Dunlap. For those of you that don’t know, Dunlap is a three-star running back in the 2021 class, but importantly he is a Michigan commit. Needless to say, Burton III has talked to Dunlap about the rivalry.

“It’s already started man [laughs], it has already started,” he said. “I have been talking mess to him for the past month, especially with how Michigan has been doing this year.”

We have said it before, and we will repeat it, Ohio State wide receivers coach Brian Hartline deserves so much credit for the Buckeyes landing Burton III. Burton formed a tight bond with Hartline and the other Ohio State commits in the 2022 class. And on top of that, with Ewers and Burton III in the class, expect the Buckeyes to continue to raid Texas because while neither are overly vocal, both have a lot of pull in the state.