BOOM: 5 Star Na’eem Offord Has Committed to the Buckeyes

One of the top corners in the country, Na’eem Offord has committed to Ohio State for the 2025 class. Tim Walton has been lighting the recruiting world on fire as of late and this is yet another target he has closed on. Tune in to the main board for more.

NUGGET: Buckle Up For Some New Possible Additions

In the wake of Jim Harbaugh’s departure, the Michigan roster is prime for pillaging. Will the Buckeyes be potential suitors? Tune in to the main board to read Nevadabuck’s full update:

Nevadabuck’s Seven Uncomfortable Truths Post Mizzou

Nevadabuck has just published his weekly seven uncomfortable Truths following Ohio State’ anemic performance against Mizzou. Tune in to the main board to read more:

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