Skull Session: Bold Predicitions for the Notre Dame Game With a Score Prediction

This is the big one, lads. These last three weeks have been nothing but dress rehearsals for this. To me, the season really starts Saturday at 7:30. We will know much more about this team by about midnight tomorrow and I cannot wait. I had a much better time doing these last week, so let’s …

Nevada Nugget: First Wiseman on OSU and Inside Their Plan for Notre Dame

Nevadabuck is back with a “nugget” from the First Wiseman as the Buckeyes prepare for Notre Dame. Read more on the main board:

Nevada Nugget: Second Wiseman With Team Happenings Western Kentucky Edition

Nevadabuck is back with a nugget on the state of the Buckeyes ahead of their clash with Western Kentucky. Read more on the main board:

Nevada Nugget: First Wiseman With an Indiana Game Plan Nugget

Nevadabuck is here with a game plan NUGGET on the prep for Indiana. Read more about Ryan Day and company’s plan to attack the Hoosiers on the main board:

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