COLUMBUS – Ohio State’s football camps not only attract players from all across the country but players from all across the world as the PPI tour from Europe took part in the camp for the past two days with top players including linebacker Aymeric Koumba from France.

The talented defensive end already holds double-digit offers including ones from Michigan, Georiga Tech and Colorado to name a few schools, but Ohio State is a program on Koumba’s mind as a place that he could see himself playing at if given the opportunity.

This is the second time that Koumba has camped with the Buckeyes after a stop with PPI last season and the growth has been tremendous in the 12 months since the last time he was on campus.

Koumba will admit that his 2021 visit was not up to par but the competitor feels that he could have done even better this time around as well.

“I really enjoyed working with Larry Johnson, obviously the best coach in the world right now,” Koumba said. “I learned a lot, but I am kind of disappointed in my performance, I feel I could do better. I am pushing, I am not done.”

It is a busy tour for Koumba and other members of the tour as they have been all over the United States. Not every player will have the same itinerary with some joining the tour early with others jumping in later. Koumba is making the most of his trip and taking part in as many stops as he can.

That of course has taken a toll on his body as he admits he has dropped 10 pounds on the trip so far and is down to 228-pounds. His goal will be to get to 260 pounds when he is playing in college.

“I want to stay lean and really fast. I want to drop my 40-time to 4.5 Right now I am a 4.7,” Koumba said.

The Buckeyes are well aware of the PPI tour as true freshman defensive lineman Hero Kanu took part in the trip last season before eventually signing with Ohio State. While all of these players are from across the continent of Europe, there is a bond they share and are quick to help each other out and be available to share experiences.

“We have had some great conversations. I learned a lot from him, he has taught me a lot of moves,” Koumba said.

Ohio State has yet to offer but paid special attention on Koumba. An Ohio State offer would mean the world because it is a school that Koumba has paid attention ever since focusing on American Football just four years ago.

“This obviously the best school for pass rushers, for my position,” Koumba said.

His role model for football happened to play at Ohio State and really set the gold standard for collegiate pass rushers with Chase Young.

“I got the passion for Ohio State from him because I want to play as great as him in college,” Koumba said.

That is a lofty goal as Young was one of the best to play the position and the young player realizes that few can get to the level of Young.

“He is just dominant,” Koumba added.

Time will tell if the Buckeyes get on board and Koumba is hoping to make a college decision in the very near future and would love to have Ohio State as one of his options.

What else did Koumba have to say about his visit to Ohio State and the United States? Check it out in this post-camp interview.

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