College Football Realignment: “The ACC Is Dead And Everyone Knows It”

After the bombshell news that USC and UCLA were jumping from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten, pretty much the entire sport is now watching and waiting to see what happens next.

Will Oregon and Washington jump to the Big Ten? Will Florida State, Miami, and Clemson move to the SEC? And what’s going to happen with Notre Dame?

Bill Greene has been talking to his contacts across the nation and has a major update that a lot of schools in the ACC aren’t going to like.

He joins host Tom Orr to discuss that and much more.

  • How many power conferences will be left standing when all is said and done, and how many teams will each have in it?
  • What will realignment mean for the potential expansion of the College Football Playoff?
  • And what is Notre Dame going to finally end up joining the Big Ten?

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  • July 7, 2022
love how the sports media makes up stories ...just like the main stream news media ... no difference ...as Mark Twain once said "if you don't read the news you're not informed if you read the news you're MISinformed ....