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  • Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I did see that you had significant corneal issues recently. I am an optometrist with decades of experience in each of the areas you may need advice. If you can give me a little more specific information I believe I can give you helpful advice.
    Bill - sorry to rehash an old subject. I know you were upfront and spoke to it once, but I forgot about the credentials thing. Thanks for understanding.

    I have family that lives in Monterey and I get there three times a year. If our dates cross, I can get you on MPCC. Have played all the courses out there. It’s fun. Hope we can make it happen.
    Hi Bill, I had an operation on my back last year. Somehow, they let a nerve out and when I got home the pain was terrible. No pain pill would touch it. I went back into surgery 5 days later. My back is great now. I hope they find the problem because that pain in intolerable. PS I love all you do for us thanks
    Bill, How much play does the Harbaugh and Gattis remarks get within the OSU staff? Being called soft and entitled has to raise the temperature in the WHAC, no? By the way our Steelers stink and I would definitely take Pickett or Corral in the draft
    I am serious. Email the next time you are in AZ. We have several big time Buckeye fans in the club.
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