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  • Hi Marc. Several months back I changed my subscription to the free version. I have since been billed several times. I don’t expect a refund but would appreciate my account being cancelled so that I am no longer billed. Thanks.
    Hi Marc. I used to have the ability to click on a link to go to posts by people I have followed, but that seems to have gone away. How do I get it back? Thanks.
    Hi, Marc. Can you share the time of the OSU walk through at Bosco today? I’d like to take my son for an autograph and some pictures. Thanks!

    Could you tell me how zI can talk with someone one about my subscription? You seem to have cancelled my upgrade and reduced me to basic me,bership. Is there a number to call?

    Joe Shaw
    I'm have a year subscription membership and I would like to cancel my membership now and be reimbursed for the remainder of my year, please. It's so annoying how posters are hijacking every thread about what's going on behind the scenes with management. I didn't come here for that. I just want to read out OSU football and now I can't. This is not what I signed up for and would like my remaining money back please.
    There's no way to cancel my subscription on this site from what I've seen. How do I go about that?
    I have attempted to cancel my subscription, but this site doesn’t have a link or a number to call. Could u cancel my account?
    do you update who won the score prediction contests ? Thought I was pretty close on the OSU-Tulsa game
    Marc, did you get my last message or email? I don’t see any responses and I have questions about my subscription to your site. Please let me know. Thanks!
    Is there a way to know when my annual subscription is up for renewal? I'm not seeing this information anywhere in my profile.
    Marc, sorry you are going through this and I hope it all works out in your favor. I had question as I was in Kirk’s Scoop FFB league this year and last year. Is this confirmed with screen captures or something so I could try and get my $400 back from KB?
    Hey Marc, I would like to cancel my subscription but can't figure it out through the settings. Can you please process my cancellation?
    Can u and I have an offline conversation- I’d rather not cancel my subscription but I do need to speak with someone to not do this…
    Marc, I have been attempting to cancel my subscription using the instructions provided but have been unable to find the link to cancel. Are you able to process my cancellation?
    Marc Givler
    Marc Givler
    Yes I will make sure your account is cancelled.
    I’d like to cancel my membership
    Marc Givler
    Marc Givler
    I will handle this for you.
    I asked to have my subscription canceled in the middle of September by going to the contacts on this site, no reply. So on 9/23 I email @MarcGivler at [email protected] to let my subscription run out and not be charged. Today I got charged….what does it take to cancel??
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    Marc do we have insiders on this new post
    Marc Givler
    Marc Givler
    The Ask the Insiders board should be up at the top of the forums list. Are you able to access it/see it?
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