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May 28, 2020
The Ohio State Buckeye football program is beginning to shift its attention from the 2022 recruiting class to the 2023s, and today, we will as well.

Buckeye Scoop recruiting analyst Bill Greene just launched a new edition of his popular “Yes, No, Possibly, Probably, Unlikely, Maybe” column which tracks the likelihood that some of the nation’s top prospects will end up signing with Ohio State. He joins host Tom Orr to talk about some of the biggest names to know on offense.

Which of the nation’s top quarterback prospects is most likely to end up as a Buckeye?Can Ohio State beat out Alabama for star RB Richard Young?Will Brian Hartline be able to land three top wide receivers who play their high school ball in Florida?All that and much more.

You can listen...

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Scoop Family
Jun 4, 2020
Tom, Any chance at all that you could list the 12 player and give a little snippet on each one? Thanks!
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