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May 28, 2020
Wednesday’s edition of media availabilities leading up to the national championship game will feature the Alabama offense and the Ohio State defense. Up first was the Alabama offense, featuring offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian and a half-dozen Crimson Tide players. Ohio State will step to the Zoom mic later this afternoon. For now, here are the highlights of everything the Alabama offense had to say.

Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian

— Clearly he’s excited about the opportunity at Texas, but the commitment he has to Alabama means that’s where his focus is right now. “And I’d prefer to keep it that way.”

— The Ohio State secondary is very talented. The two corners have great length and they play the ball well. They can play zone or man-to-man. The key will be protecting Mac Jones so that the receivers can get downfield and then they need to win their one-on-one battles when they come.

— His week is the same as it always is during a normal game week...

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