Aug 5, 2021
It is the Big Me Kickoff show with Kevin Noon and we are talking about the latest happenings around the world of college sports. The Big Ten Conference may be looking at changing how it goes about doing things with a potential move to eight league games from nine and doing away with divisions. All of that comes from a report from The Athletic and we are here to talk about that. Do those moves put the Big Ten on a better footing in keeping up with the SEC or is it a case of making all the wrong moves?

Plus, the 2022 season is still months and months away but we know that Ohio State opens up against Notre Dame, a team without a conference (by choice) but still considered very much part of the Power Five. There was a day and an age where the Buckeyes would open up against Power Five (or the equal name of the time) to start the season. There was a good decade where Ohio State did not do that but now we see that becoming more of a regular thing. Is that something that we should...

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