Aug 5, 2021
ST. MARYS, Ohio – The addition of Austin Parks to the Ohio State recruiting class of 2023 is a big one for Chris Holtmann’s Buckeyes as the team now has the pledge of the 6-foot-10, 240-pounder.

Close observers of the Ohio State product over the years have been quick to point out that the Buckeyes don’t generally find a lot of success in the recruitment of true centers and while the Buckeyes have been more than competitive over Holtmann’s tenure as Ohio State’s head coach, the debate rages on about the Buckeyes giving up size to many of their Big Ten brethren in conference play.

So, Parks is committed, what does that mean? What are the Buckeyes getting?

We caught up with Jake Meisler, the director of Ohio Buckets, also the man tasked with coaching Parks during the spring and summer to find out a little bit more about what the Buckeyes are getting here.

“He’s a pretty unique kid,” Meisler said of...

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