Tony Gerdeman

Staff member
May 28, 2020
Following Ohio State’s 22-10 Big Ten Championship Game win over Northwestern, head coach Ryan Day and a number of Buckeyes spoke with reporters about the win and how the game went. Here are the highlights from everything that was said.

Ryan Day

— Asked about the importance of having families at the playoff bowl game, he said he hasn’t had a chance to think about it, but he agrees the families should be there. All of his energy has been put into this game.

— Why did it take so long to stick to the run? They’re always going to be aggressive, but then the run game just kept clicking and they stuck with it eventually.

— This week was a microcosm of what this team has been through all year. “This is one of my favorite teams I’ve ever been around.” This team is so tough and they just don’t flinch. “If we have to play one game against anybody in the country, I’ll take the Ohio State Buckeyes.”

— Trey Sermon ran hard. The offensive line played unbelievably well. The...

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