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Pay It Forward
  • May 28, 2020
    In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tom Orr and I attempt to prepare everyone for the launch of
    We share our excitement for this new venture and discuss what we’ll be doing moving forward.
    We also talk about each of the people we’ll be working with, beginning with the three-headed monster of Bill Greene, Marc, and Alex Gleitman.
    If you’re into recruiting — and 80s references — these are your Bash Brothers.
    We also discuss Mick Walker’s role in the recruiting coverage and I spend a minute or two explaining why Mick made me feel bad this week.
    The talk then turns to Nevadabuck and what he’ll be bringing to the site and to the Scoop community.
    Kirk Barton is also discussed and we lament that there was no Twitter when Barton was playing. The uniqueness and standard of Ross Fulton is then talked about. Tom fawns.
    We then talk about the most important and most fun aspect of — the community and the fact that we can’t wait to interact...

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