Buckeye Weekly Podcast: What Changes Would We Make If We Ran College Football?

May 28, 2020
In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr address a single listener question — if we were the commissioners of college football and had the ability to change anything about the sport, what would it be? What sweeping changes would we make about college football and why would it improve the sport? The fellas discuss this sweeping question and go in a number of directions with varying likelihoods to actually happen down the road.

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Since you brought up relegation, I think they need to go full Premier league. Break college football FBS into 5, 24 team groups. The bottom 11 teams can form their own league or drop down to FCS. You can select teams the first year based on their finish the previous year. The 24 teams are then randomly divided into 4 pods of 6 teams. Each team in the pod plays a home and home series with the other teams in their pod. No more having an advantage by playing all the tough games at home. There would be 10 games from the pod teams. Imagine the TV revenue from this scheme having 10-12 games week of top 25 matchups. Teams would have 2 extra games they could play each year. Schedule your rival, play a patsy or take another bye week if you want. Each team would have 1-2 bye weeks in the schedule. The winner of each of the four pods goes to the playoffs. No seeding or ranking, pre-determine it. A plats B and C plays D. The bottom team in each of the 4 pods gets relegated to the lower division. The top team in each pod moves up to the higher division. The playoffs for the lower divisions could use the current bowls for their games if they want.

I am interested in constructive feedback on weaknesses to this idea.

I think another advantage is that right now a single loss might eliminate a team and 2 losses dooms a teams chances. Under this scheme a team could lose a couple of games and still win their pod and go to the playoffs. As Tom noted, games at the end of the year to avoid relegation or to be promoted would be intense. Conference TV deals like the BIG would still be there and it would provide them with a lot of content each week especially for lower division games. A Purdue-Northwestern game late in the year now means almost nothing and no one watches it but if it was for promotion or relegation, TV viewers would care.

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