Aug 5, 2021
ST. MARYS, Ohio – Not to be lost in all of the Super Bowl news from Sunday, the Ohio State men’s basketball team picked up a big piece in its class of 2023 with the commitment of center Austin Parks.

Chris Holtmann’s class of 2023 is starting to round into form with two commits in the bag now and as people now have a chance to familiarize themselves with Parks’ game, the future is looking bright.

But there is more to Parks than just the basketball player. So often attention is turned only to what the short-term and long-term on-court gains will be, but the Buckeyes will also be picking up a major program guy.

We went to someone who knows Parks very well, his father, Bob Parks, to get the 4-1-1 on what the Buckeyes are getting in terms of the total package.

“(Ohio State is) getting a young man who is caring, thoughtful, loves his teammates and wants to strive to be the best of the best,” the elder Parks said on Sunday afternoon. “He’s an...

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