Aug 5, 2021
Ohio State has updated its football roster with the upcoming season just weeks away and Big Ten Media Days less than a week away, football is in the air.

We had a preview of some of the roster number changes for returning players over the course of spring football along with numbers for “early enrollees” that took part in spring ball.

There was a time and a place where the release of the updated roster would be a national holiday for many people as they would take the new information to their NCAA Football video game to be able to play with their favorite players. The new game is still a year out, but everyone is going to want to keep track of who is wearing what number, well in advance of the season opener against Notre Dame on September 3rd.

A couple of the major number changes from last year to this year includes Miyan Williams (28 to 3), Emeka Egbuka (12 to 2), Denzel Burke (29 to 5) and Cameron Martinez (10 to 13) to name just a few.

Here are some of the new...

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