Joe Draime

Staff member
  • Jun 23, 2020
    Training camp begins tomorrow. Hallelujah! Football is finally here and we could not be more excited to bring you our coverage of the 2022 season. So, let’s kick off coverage with a few roster predictions for the season. I generally say making bold predictions is for gamblers who think they can outsmart the house, but it is football season so let’s have some fun with it! 

    On a team as loaded as this one, it can be difficult to make “bold predictions” because there just are not many to be made. But, these are a few things that have not happened yet that I believe have a chance to. We will do a recap of this after the first game against Notre Dame so we can see how I did. 

    Prediction #1: Jordan Hancock will force his way onto the field. Hancock has been a force all through winter all the way up until the summer, but none of that matters now. It is now solely about doing it on the field, and I believe he will seize his opportunity. Now, Cam Brown and Denzel Burke have both...

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