Marc Givler

Staff member
  • May 28, 2020
    Ohio State opened with a successful—if uneven—opening game win against an
    improved Nebraska team. Schematically, the Ohio State offense was a
    continuation of last season. But it was powered by the passing game in the
    opening contest of this season, led by Justin Fields, Chris Olave, and
    now-slot wide receiver Garrett Wilson. 

    The Buckeye run game, by contrast, experienced some early hiccups—particularly
    in short-yardage. Ohio State repeatedly ran tight zone in those situations.

    But Nebraska sought to outnumber Ohio State with 7 or 8 defenders in the box,
    overload the backside of the Buckeye formation (tight zone aims to hit the
    backside A-gap), and pair those fronts with linebacker run blitzes. The
    backside defensive end then squeezed down with his shoulders square to the
    line of scrimmage to feint accounting for the QB...

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