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  • Aug 5, 2021
    The Ohio State defense turned in its best performance of the season in limiting Michigan State to a single second half touchdown in the Buckeyes’ 56-7 rout over the Spartans. Matt Barnes stuck with his now-familiar game plan in facing Michigan State and Kenneth Walker III—mix cover 3 and cover 3 pressures with cover 1 and cover 4.

    The mixing of these concepts began on the opening play. Notably—as below—hybrid linebacker/safety Craig Young entered the game at “cover safety” whenever Michigan State used 12 personnel (2 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB). Ohio State ran perhaps their most frequent run blitz—a 3 deep, 3 under fire zone with the cover safety (field apex) blitzing off the field edge with the defensive line slanting to the boundary.

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    As he often did throughout the game, 3-technique (aligned between the guard and tackle) Haskell Garrett beat the Michigan State left guard...

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