Aug 5, 2021
Ohio State turned in its most complete, complementary game this season in its 52-13 win over Rutgers. Offensively, Ryan Day and Kevin Wilson had a well-honed plan to target Rutgers’ 4-3 stack that features a nose guard titled at the center, heavy amounts of slanting, and safeties that aggressively trigger to insert themselves in the box against the run.


This was evident on the Buckeyes’ second offensive play. Ohio State ran G/Y counter off jet action. The jet action caused Rutgers’ overhang to follow and the opposite safety to spin down. The play side offensive line down blocked, washing down the slanting defensive line. And the pulling guard sealed the box, with the tight end leading on the playside safety coming down in run support—leaving no one to account for TreVeyon Henderson once he hit the second level.

The Buckeyes’ run game throughout was designed to address the...

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  • Apr 12, 2021
    I agree BuckeyeRV.... My football knowledge has increased leaps and bounds just reading Ross's stuff. It is like watching a whole new game. Before it was dumb dumb coach just needs to run it outside..... Now you can see how the D is defending and why certain plays calls are being called and how they are attacking... It is fun.

    For sure one of the best features in this site!

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