Tom Orr

Staff member
May 28, 2020
For two years in a row, a shaky defense has been the biggest obstacle between the Ohio State Buckeyes and a national championship. Now, head coach Ryan Day has taken a dramatic step to change that by bringing in former Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Jim Knowles.

So how will Knowles be able to work with the Buckeyes’ existing personnel, and what is he going to do differently from the current staff?

Buckeye Scoop’s Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton just wrote an in-depth breakdown of Knowles’ scheme and joins host Tom Orr to discuss that, how he deploys his personnel, and how he makes things simple for the defense, but difficult for opposing offenses.

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Mike Geyer

Ross, I am concerned with something that no one seems to be talking about! After the way Michigan abused our Dline we seemed to be going after D ends. Curry, Jackson , Sawyer, JTT, all great players but small. Tyliek Williams & Mike Hall seem to be the on 300lb D tackles. Those mentioned above as well as our existing d ends Harrison & Smith generated hardly any pressure and we’re man handled during run plays. Bama always has 300 plus D tackles that make it VERY difficult to run inside. I hope Knowles is good with the Xs & Os but he’s going to need some BIG jimmy’s & Joes!!!