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  • May 28, 2020
    This weekend’s Buckeye Bash recruiting event went on as scheduled with roughly a dozen Ohio State commits making it in to Columbus, along with uncommitted Top 100 safety Derrick Davis Jr. was invited to the Ohio State Game Watch party and allowed to observe the action. A detailed, and extremely serious, log of the happenings was recorded:

    11:12 AM – Group arrives at Buffalo Wild Wings mostly in tact, waiting for a few stragglers. Derrick Davis Jr. is in the building (with an OSU hoodie). No Tristan Leigh. We’ll see what this means for Davis, but I am pretty sure I know what it means for Leigh.

    11:38 AM – Zen Michalski sees our feature on…Zen Michalski….on ABC6’s Football Fever

    11:45 AM – I’m sitting by a group of the parents, because I’m an adult and I’m going to sit at the adult table. I can’t help but sympathize about what they’re in for dragging these guys all over Columbus all day.

    11:58 AM – Broadcast shows Buckeyes taking the field. Players table erupts...

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