Marc Givler

Staff member
May 28, 2020
Ohio State offensive coordinator and tight ends coach Kevin Wilson spoke with reporters Friday afternoon, as did tight ends Luke Farrell, Jeremy Ruckert, and Jake Hausmann.
Here are the highlights of everything that was said during the Zoom call.
— Wilson: Where has Justin Fields grown the most in the offseason? A lot of the work hasn’t really been done against live people because they are trying to keep players separated when they can. But they have worked on blitzes and pre-snap reads. He has grown the most as a leader. He’s had a great offseason. 
— Wilson: Coordinating and calling plays is a group thing. He and Greg Studrawa and Tony Alford work on the running game early in the week, then that gets combined with the coaches who are working on the passing game. Then it’s situational — third downs and things like that. The best time to talk is as soon as the play is called or as it’s running. He and Ryan Day have very similar thoughts, even though he sees the offense through an...

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