Joe Draime

Staff member
  • Jun 23, 2020
    Move-in day has officially arrived at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Columbus, which means we are officially less than 24 hours away from the commencement of the 2022 Ohio State football season. The foundation for this season was constructed through the grueling winter workouts, and the framing was erected during the spring, but now, it is time to build the rest of the house, and that is what this next month is all about.

    The 2022 edition of the Ohio State Buckeyes is loaded with talent from top to bottom. Many positions are occupied by future All-Americans and NFL draft picks, but there are more than a few vital roles up for grabs during training camp.

    If the captain of the ship is incapacitated, there needs to be a competent First Officer ready to go at a moment’s notice. That fact is not lost on Ryan Day and Corey Dennis, and it has been a priority to ensure there is a capable understudy in the event of a catastrophe. Kyle McCord and Devin Brown are the two candidates and it...

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