Live Updates From Ryan Day, Kerry Coombs, Kevin Wilson, More

May 28, 2020
COLUMBUS – Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will meet with reporters today in order to recap a bit of the win over Minnesota and preview Saturday’s matchup with Oregon. Also joining the session are defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs, offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson, linebacker Cody Simon, and wide receiver Chris Olave. The festivities should begin around noon. We will post updates as they happen. Refresh for the latest.

Kerry Coombs

+ Lejond Cavazos had good coverage on the touchdown catch he gave up. “Lejond played well.”

+ Quarterbacks always find the true freshmen on defense, so they need to be ready. They talked to Denzel Burke long and hard about that. He has never shown any fear, which is huge. Burke told him he was nervous, which was good because if he said he wasn’t, he’d be lying and that means there’s a bigger issue.

+ Kourt Williams is very close. He had a few setbacks in camp. That game and that environment at Minnesota is not necessarily where you...

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