Live Updates – Ryan Day Radio Show – Nov. 11

May 28, 2020
Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show today beginning shortly after 12:00 pm. Day will provide some updates on his team, the importance of football in November, and will also preview Saturday’s game against Purdue. We will have live updates throughout the hour, so refresh for all of the latest from Day.

+ When they got on the plane to Nebraska the team had Chic-Fil-A sandwiches and Day said he jokingly told Steele Chambers he was only getting half a sandwich since he was only playing half the game. Then after the game he told Chambers he played so well he could have a whole sandwich. Day said that if they won the toss they were going to take the ball in order to have maybe one more possession on defense with Chambers in the second half.

+ You snap your fingers and the season is over. Don’t wait around. They talked about it this week about how you can’t change the loss they had in September but they can do everything in their power to be ready...

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