Live Updates – Ryan Day Radio Show – Nov. 11

Tony Gerdeman

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  • May 28, 2020
    Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show today beginning shortly after 12:00 pm. Day will provide some updates on his team, the importance of football in November, and will also preview Saturday’s game against Purdue. We will have live updates throughout the hour, so refresh for all of the latest from Day.

    + On Wednesdays they have military members come to practice and watch and that always gives the players and coaches an opportunity to meet with them and thank them for their service. There are military reminders all over in the WHAC that were around long before Day got here and he will continue that tradition.

    + They’re going to need all of the running backs that are available this week and the rest of the way out. They’re going to need depth as the weather turns. They want to play more depth than they did last week.

    + How do you stay on schedule on offense? First you have to stay penalty free. If you take away the penalties last week it’s...

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