Live Updates – Ryan Day Radio Show – Nov. 24

Tony Gerdeman

Staff member
  • May 28, 2020
    Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is taking part in his weekly radio show today and will be previewing Saturday’s rivalry matchup against Michigan. We will provide live updates throughout his appearance, so refresh for the absolute latest.

    Ryan Day

    + What logistical challenges does Michigan Stadium provide? The tunnel is tight and there have been a lot of activities go on in that tunnel.

    + Will there be more silent counts/hand signs this week? “You’ve got to have silent ready to roll.” The crowd will be loud and that’s part of going on the road. It really shows up in the red zone.

    + This is by far the best defensive front they will see this year. They are strong inside as well. The offensive line knows what they are up against.

    + The receivers told Day that Michigan State’s DBs weren’t respecting the passing game down the field early on. They were sitting on the receivers and so when you can get feedback like that and then attack it, that’s the product of...

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