May 28, 2020
The Ohio State football program has many popular traditions that go back decades, but it’s one of the most recent ones that we’re going to discuss today.

Who should wear the Block O jersey for the Buckeyes for the 2022 season?

The tradition, started just a couple of years ago for the 2020 season, honors former Ohio State great Bill Willis who ultimately played a major role in breaking the pro football color barrier in 1946 with the Cleveland Browns. It’s as much of an off-the-field award as it is an on-the-field award as it represents character, perseverance, toughness, and leadership.

After awarding the jersey to Jonathon Cooper in 2020 and Thayer Munford in 2021, Ohio State will need to find a new recipient for next season and there are several directions the Buckeyes could choose to go. So with that in mind, we’ve gathered a panel of four staffers to make their case...

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Scoop Family
Jun 27, 2021
I was hoping someone would say Babb. He’s been a team leader and worked through 4 torn ACL’s just to try and get on the field. That’s toughness and leadership.

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