Tony Gerdeman

Staff member
May 28, 2020
Ohio State secondary coach Matt Barnes met with reporters via Zoom on Thursday to discuss spring practice and the goings-on for the Buckeye defense. Also joining the session were safeties Josh Proctor and Marcus Williamson. Here are the highlights of what everyone had to say.

Matt Barnes

— The transition has been a good one. He loves coaching defense. Kerry Coombs remains very involved with the secondary. Alleviating some of that stress and time from Coombs with the secondary allows for more coordinating.

— “We’re so far from a depth chart right now. So far from locking guys into positions.” They aren’t even watching defense when they look at film right now. They’re just looking at technique.

— Lathan Ransom has played every position in the secondary and he’s not alone. Right now it’s about teaching concepts.

— You can’t sit in a meeting without hearing great things about Cam Martinez. That’s nutrition, special teams, weight room. “Cam has really, really put...

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