May 28, 2020
The NCAA Division I Council has enacted a two-year waiver that will allow football programs to sign more than the current limit of 25 scholarship players per year. There is no cap on the number of players that a program can sign, but the hard cap of 85 total scholarship players on a roster will still be in effect.

The move was made to help programs that have been decimated by transfers and the on-going roster ripples of COVID. This will allow those programs to get back to 85 sooner and could also alleviate some of the congestion in the transfer portal.

The NCAA also relaxed restrictions on how FBS conference champions can be determined. Previously, conferences with 12 or more members needed to be split into divisions and the winner of those two divisions would then play in the conference championship game. The need for divisions has now been removed regardless of number of teams in a conference. Instead, the two teams with the best records in conference play could play in...

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