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May 28, 2020
Alabama head coach Nick Saban met with reporters once again on Thursday in the lead-up to Monday’s national title game against Ohio State. Today’s schedule features the head coaches as well as the Crimson Tide defense and the Buckeye offense. Up first is Alabama, the highlights of which you can read below. Ohio State will be up later this afternoon.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban

— This is a great opportunity for the Crimson Tide team. Preparation is really important. Practices have been good. They are playing against a very good team.

— Jaylen Waddle’s status is up in the air and will probably be a game-day decision.

— It’s been good that we have been able to play pro football and college football this year. It gave players something to work for and fans something to root for. “We’re pleased with the way this season has gone.”

— Linebacker Dylan Moses has done well his year returning from injury. It can take guys a full year to get back to where they...

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