May 28, 2020
COLUMBUS – The Buckeyes were back on the practice field Tuesday morning and for the first time in fall camp, they were in full pads. Finally being decked out in full pads meant that Tuesday’s practice would be the most physical to this point.

The media was allowed to view the first four periods of practice, which occurred before any of the aforementioned physicality would actually get underway.

Still, there were some things to see.

Practice opened with kickoff return drills, then moved to some stretching and jogging before giving way to some position work. The last couple of periods of practice featured some catching and throwing, including some one-on-ones between the Ohio State receivers and defensive backs.

The most notable aspect of practice, however, came during some individual drills when the first-team and second-team offensive line were working together. As was mentioned on our Ask The Insiders message board last week, there are some significant changes...

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